Sean (darksoul) wrote,

Day 2: I'm not dead yet!

Yesterday's training went well. Things worked like they were supposed to, for the most part, and they were aware of what things didn't work. It's kind of scary, they might actually have their ducks in a row this time. Might. Got back to the hotel around 5:15 last night, sat up reading for about an hour before I had to have a nap to continue to function. Around 8:30, I woke up and walked a couple blocks down the street to Burger King for a meager dinner. Note to people who don't look scary: don't walk through Downtown Denver at night unless you want to chance being acosted by street people. In the two blocks that I walked, I must have spotted a dozen homeless people (a few of them might have been hitchhikers as they had reasonable looking hiking gear). I wish I wasn't a middle class guy with low fundage (sort of, saving money for November, different story, different time) because I'd have offered to buy them all some grub over at BK. What made me feel even more awful about the situation was one of them nodded at me and said "rough times, eh?", recognizing me as one of their fold rather than as the middle class bum that I am. C'est la vie...

Not a whole lot else to mention. Our lunch break ends soon and then I'll be diving back into the fray. I'm going to try again to get my laptop working in our hotel room. Last night I just couldn't get it to connect to their network (my guess would be that they suck). If that doesn't work out, then I'm going to venture out into the world, see if the nearby mall has the new Non-Prophets cd. Later folks...

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