Sean (darksoul) wrote,

Wait, you know how to fix Sheila?! ...I love you.

If only Gamefly and Netflix would join forces, I'd be a happy camper. As it is, I don't know how thrilled I'd be at spending $40 a month on games and movies. Still, Gamefly is tempting me...

Killer asteroid #631 will be killing us all shortly. Well, in 10 1/2 years anyway. Get your affairs in order folks, it's the end of the world as we know it! Or not.

Ever recieve an email soliciting help in purchasing parts for a time machine? Thought it was a joke? It's not. Wow.

Attention Pennsylvanians, don't go to the homes of creepy people you don't know, even if your job demands that you do so. You may just lose your head.

That's all I got for you chillins' right now. Go find your own news. :P

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    Fri, 09:11: RT @ JohnFugelsang: Dear Democrats: This level of hysteria shows just how terrified the GOP is that white people are going to…

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    Sun, 04:05: RT @ NoLieWithBTC: Lauren Boebert's restaurant received a $233,305 PPP check and she receives a $174,000 taxpayer-funded salary.

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    Fri, 14:00: We can all agree that @ RealDeanCain is the Superman that shows up from Wish.

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