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Gigantor, the space age robot, he's at your command!

...I'm not much of a believer in spirits and what-have-you, but what's the deal with me and electronic devices lately? There were the Winamp incidents, then earlier my cell phone wouldn't take a charge at all and started flaking out like crazy. And now my stereo. I acquired this stereo when I moved back home with my mom, a "gift" from my sister. Read as: she didn't want it and left it behind. For as long as I've had it, the record player has not worked. No big deal, I only have a few things on vinyl anyway, I'll survive without it. I got up a few minutes ago to turn my stereo on so I could run my laptop through the Aux on the stereo. I accidently hit the button for the record player instead of the aux button. Suddenly it started to whir. The motor was working again. WTF? Broke for at least a year, only to spontaneously regenerate? I'm a tad bit disturbed. My electronics are possessed, I tell you, POSSESSED! However, now I can listen to my vinyl copy of Saturday Morning Cartoons freely. And really, there's no other way that one should listen to the Ramones than on vinyl.

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