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she thinks she missed the train to Mars, she's out back counting stars...

Does this mean I can get free episodes of Red Dwarf and Dr. Who for free?! SWEET!

Not that anyone who's coming along to see Atmosphere knows who he is, but I thought I'd mention that Brother Ali has been added to the bill. He's the best albino artist around. The only way this show is getting better is if Sole, Sage, or Aesop Rock showed up out of boredom.

Attention citizens of Alabama: I hereby revoke your right to procreate, as it would seem that a large portion of you are idiots.

I've seen the same article linked elsewhere, but I thought people might enjoy reading about the lawsuits brought forth by the "Star Wars Kid".

Added: One more reason strip-mall religious groups scare me. There's a church near my house that's inside of an old bowling alley. Another down the road is inside of a space that used to house a greasy auto parts store. I often wonder if it still reeks of motor oil and steel in there...

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    Mon, 11:28: I want no details on who bought and directed it in the most delightful of ways.

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