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A ball of pop culture with some arms and feet...

w00t, I'm posting live from the retake of the photo for the AP article. Gasp in amazement and awe. ;)

Anyway, the weekend in review:

Friday night: Went to Lawrence and spent the evening with Jamie. We went out to see Swimming Pool (pretty good film, a little on the artsy/drama side for some people, but I enjoyed it) and then went to Applebee's for a meager dinner. Eventually wandered home around 1:00 am.

Saturday: Went in to the office for about 6 hours and got some work done. I love going in when there's no one there to distract or bother me. Afterwards, I picked up some slurpee goodness and went over to visit Chrissy and Dave. Hung out there for a few hours, wandered home, eventually passed out.

Sunday: This morning my mother and I had to make certain that my grandpa wasn't getting himself into a stock option scam. We went down to the Plaza for some lame "seminar" on trading stock options. Turns out he isn't being scammed, sort of. They sold him a piece of software to be able to track trends in stock options for various stocks, something that one could do on their own with pen and paper or an excel spreadsheet. However, it wasn't nearly the scam that we thought it was going to be. Still, we left the "seminar" early to go spend time in the real world. Dropped by my sister's to give her and her bf their birthday gifts (mostly cash). I find celebrating my sister's birthday disturbing anymore because her and her bf were born the same day. It's just unnatural. Then I scurried back to the house to await the arrival of a cute girl and her puppy so that I could give her a reasonable amount of cash for her wonderful service. Ahh yeah, I'm getting me some service (read as: Jamie's picking up our Atmosphere tickets at the Granada so we don't have to pay $25 in service charges). Picked up my room for the photoshoot, then the guy showed up, and now here we are. :)

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