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i hide all the pain that i've gained with my wisdom

the phoenix is typically depicted as rising up from the flame in a blaze of glory. why is it that we never see the phoenix in his climb above the common flames to reach the upper layers of fire where he will find honor? how long had the phoenix been climbing before he reached a vantage point from which he could soar? does the phoenix dwell within every soul willing to make that final leap once they've climbed high enough?

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    Fri, 09:11: RT @ JohnFugelsang: Dear Democrats: This level of hysteria shows just how terrified the GOP is that white people are going to…

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    Sun, 04:05: RT @ NoLieWithBTC: Lauren Boebert's restaurant received a $233,305 PPP check and she receives a $174,000 taxpayer-funded salary.

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    Fri, 14:00: We can all agree that @ RealDeanCain is the Superman that shows up from Wish.

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