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where did all my idols end up? they all past away...

Warning Erwin: Jen is plotting to take your life. First she'll get a job doing translation work for businesses, then take up some form of martial arts, then start work on a little bit of a belly. She's got you beat in the angst department. As soon as she's got that penis thing taken care of, she'll be prepared to replace you.

A brief weekend review:

Friday night: Hung around the house, napping and watching the tv. Around 9, Jamie came by and picked me up to go get our grub on. Ended up coming back here, watching movies, talking until some ungodly hour, eventually passing out on my floor.

Saturday: Booted Jamie's lazy butt out my door. She'll tell you that I eventually let her leave at 3 in the afternoon, but don't let her fool you. I kicked her out. ;) Took my brother out so he could do his back to school shopping. Bought a cool overshirt, the new Placebo and Blue October cds, Dune on dvd (the Sci-fi channel version, not the original), an Orange Julius, the first issue of Neil Gaiman's 1602, and a few games of pinball at the Fun Factory. Fairly entertaining outing. I'm glad that spending time with my brother isn't like pulling teeth. Came home and watched the first disc of Dune (out of 3). Eventually went to bed around 2 am.

Sunday: Got up around noon and went over to Leslie's. Hung out for a bit and then we went out for lunch. Came home, finished watching Dune. Then I spent too many hours online. Wait, that's what I'm doing now. Still. Time for sleep soon.

I know how to use complete sentences, I promise. Please don't report me to the ghosts of English Class past. Especially Ramirez. If I ever see that woman again, I'll probably gouge my own eye out. Well, probably not, but that adequately relays my dispassion for that woman. Bleh. Sleep now.

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