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looks like somebody has a case of the mondays...

blah. woke up this morning at 8:44, confused as to why my alarm didn't go off. i glanced at my phone and the alarm was set for the right time. it wasn't on vibrate either. i just plain slept through it. so around 9:30, i come rolling into the office. typical monday. too much work to be done, too little time. in a few minutes, i scurry off to go set up a display at Hunt Midwest. "wait," you ask, "aren't you a computer g33k? isn't your job title database assistant?" that's right. but i'm a sucker for sad pregnant women who need help. blah. on the bright side, it gets me out of the office for the rest of the afternoon.

sorry i didn't finish the writing assignment today. this evening probably won't be any better as i told heather i'd come visit her for a bit. it'll be done when it's done. besides, you still owe me. :-P

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