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I never had a wish come true, most days spent chasing too few pennies...

It's a pity that a wonderful stormy, rainy night must be wasted alone.

One day, I'd like to write a song 1/10th as inspirational and lasting as American Pie. It easily classifies as one of my top five all time favorite songs.

hey i found the safest place
to keep all our tenderness
to keep all those bad ideas
to keep all our hope
it's here in the smallest bones
the feet and the inner ear
it's such an enormous thing
to walk, to listen

If you asked me how I feel right this moment, I probably couldn't give you a simple answer. The simplest answer I could give is that, as things are, I'm happy. And I can live with that.

I'm jonesing to get a guitar still. My sister still will not sacrifice her acoustic to me so that I might be able to learn to play. I've got a melody in my head that I'd like to work out on guitar, but no luck. C'est la vie.

If I made you feel second best, girl I'm sorry, i was blind. I feel older by the day.

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