Sean (darksoul) wrote,

secrets are sacred when nobody knows yours, but somebody does...

Buck 65 - Square One (excerpt)

20 some years is a long walk
even if it's not in a straight line
you see a lot of things in the distance
you know what they say about great minds
you and i think about the same things
dream the same dreams
play the same games
we started out in the same place
believe it or not, we've got the same names
everything happens for a good cause
whether it be victory or loss
and a road may turn into a runway
but you don't know what to do
trust me, i've seen it all before
i've climbed to the tops of the tallest trees
to get away from the deep water
to find the touch of the smallest breeze
you'll find the girl with the low voice
who holds the world in her bare hands
you'll fall in love, you'll have no choice
once you are given a fair chance
for the first time, you will sleep well
take a deep breath, see the sun shine
hold onto her for dear life
and then watch the whole world unwind
ask her to show you some magic
and i guarantee that she will say yes
tell her you've seen forever
and you'll be together not a day less
just know until that time comes
and after you've crossed that first mile
that the hardest part is behind you
and all of the pain will be worthwhile

from storm clouds come angels
let pain give you pleasure
from dirt roads there are flowers
faith gave me pleasure

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