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bad luck wind been blowing at my back; i pray you don't look at me, i pray that i don't look back...

Heather's mom wants me to come out with them for dinner tonight. Who am I to refuse? :) Then to home where I need to start preparing for the trip to visit Jen in Cincy. We leave early Friday morning (someone needs to tell me exactly when to expect a knock on the door or a honk of the horn). I still need to get ahold of Jen for directions, but that's no big deal. How hard could it be, most of the drive is spent on I-70. Ripped a decent number of my cds to my harddrive today in preparation for the trip. Whatever cds I don't end up copying that I think we'll want to listen to, I'll put into my small book and leave the rest either in the trunk or at home. DJ Whitey White White Guy iz in da hizouse folks. Or something. I'll be taking my leave of you now.

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