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duct tape & soldered wires, new words for old desires, and every birthday card i threw away...

Next time I get the urge to look at a calendar to see if I can do something fun and entertaining on a specific date or weekend, I'm just going to put my head through a wall instead. It just sank in that the weekend directly after my birthday (which is on a Thursday) is the weekend of the Kansas City MS150, meaning that on Friday night I'll be out at some stupid packet pickup until 9 or 10 pm, then going home or to a hotel to go straight to sleep so I'll have enough rest to be at the starting line at 5 am. It's bad enough that, by that point, about half of my friends will have left town for school, but I won't even really have an opportunity to hang out with those friends that are still in town. I think I'll just not turn 22 this year. We'll put off my birthday until a year when I can actually enjoy it, even if "enjoying" it simply involves relaxing at home for the day. Blah.

There's going to be a bitter argument with a co-worker before the day is out. I'm not sure which co-worker it'll be, but it's going to happen. People keep piling up things on my desk that they want done when I haven't got time to get done what I have. *bangs head on desk* Friday can not get here fast enough.

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