Sean (darksoul) wrote,

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sometimes silence speaks louder than words

    crippled and broken
 never could walk the walk
     the same old pain again and again
  the same old talk talk talk

          alone inside this head
          blocking out the lines and apologies
          arguments and long heart-to-hearts
          it all sounds the same with time

  friends and lies
  whats and whys
  i just lay down my head and cry
  lately i've just needed to hear that you approve

             and you've become picture perfect
             a stationary image in my mind
             my hands remember how you felt
             my lips, your taste
             but the head refuses to remember
             forgiving and forgetting
             rather than forlorn and forsaken

  here i lay down my sword
    here i lay down my head
      here i lay down my heart
i lie
Tags: personal writing project

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