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the planet earth is blue and there's nothing i can do...

to no one, everyone, and myself (Dylan mumbled it better)

when my thoughts drift to heaven
to happiness and joy and contentment
i think of
ice cream and cake on a
birthday lost with youth
a night sky full of stars
the feel of you in my arms, drowning
in your eyes, your smile, your lips
the end of a good book
the beginning of a good slice of boston cream pie
the ennui of losing yourself in song
cool rain on a warm spring day
walking out of a theater after a movie
that touched me to the core
i think of sunsets and countrysides and
mountains and seas and storms and landscapes far away
and how much i miss you
but only on the darkest of nights
most of the time

The stars are far away
I can see them with my eyes
We watch them fade away
Like the moments of our lives


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