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angels sing to me in my sleep, i sold my damaged soul for the magic of speak...

Nothing brightens up a blah Monday better than a little Fett's Vette from MC Chris. It reminds me that I need to compile a cd of hiphop party music. Now I'm in the mood for some Brass Monkey...

Day 1 of my boss's vacation and so far, things have gone alright today. "The New Guy" called in sick, but I wasn't terribly surprised. The guy is pretty worthless for all the trouble that his mistakes cause. Blah. One more thing that I'm bitter about in regards to my job. On the other hand, it's been a pretty productive day which makes me feel pretty good about things.

Plans for the week: Tonight, nothing. Tomorrow night, dinner plans with Leslie. Wednesday, hanging out with zee Katalina chica. Then I'm free until Saturday when I have to clean the house up for movie night. There's not a whole lot to be done with the house though since I just cleaned it a few days ago. That's assuming my mom doesn't trash it between now and then.

I feel like curling up with someone and watching a movie. C'est la vie...

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