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we'd all like to sing, it's easy to sigh, just sprinkle a handful of plausible lies...

Alright kids, time to step into the Way-Back machine for an update to history. Remember back in September of 2001 when you were terribly upset because Dubya sat around for 2 minutes listening to kids read a book to him after finding out a second plane hit the World Trade Center? Remember asking how great that book must have been for him to act so non-chalant about things? As it turns out, that book was so good that he actually sat there for another 5 minutes, it's just that the video we saw of him had been editted (because it was a crappy video? because it made him look like less of an idiot?). Not only did he not act as though an attack on American soil was a big deal, but he put an elementary school full of children in danger. How did he endager them? Well boys and girls, his agenda for the day had been published weeks earlier on the White House website. Anyone who knew enough to look would've known that he was at that school. Rather than have the secret service evacuate the students from that school and get out of there himself, he hung out for awhile longer to see how that book ended, that great and wonderous book that we'd all like to read because it's apparently the most captivating book man has ever seen.

Apparently someone finally notified Strom Thurmond that he's been dead since the late 80's. I usually feel bad about mocking the recently deceased, but I don't think you count as "recently deceased" when you've been surviving off the flesh of the living. So long America's oldest senator, you're finally meeting up with your dad who FOUGHT IN THE CIVIL WAR! ...ahem, sorry about that outburst kids.

This just in, Australians are some scary bastards with too much time on their hands. Or, Grocer Brings About Global Destruction. Really, you can choose the headline you'd like to apply to the article.

In other news, speech shall be even less free than it was yesterday if some republican senators have their way (including Mr. John McCain, who people try to throw in my face as a sensible republican). I'm not a large fan of shock radio, but I believe that it's the job of the advertisers and the listeners to force a radio personality to change their act, not the job of the government. Let the people force a change rather than the government. Nothing good will come of this.

Did you hope that you'd have access to a functional Medicare system when you needed it? Too bad. Politicians act as though this is going to help the elderly, but I don't trust private companies to keep the interests of the elderly in mind.

Sorry it's such a bad news day children. Sometimes Uncle Sean just has to point out the more pressing issues in the news. I promise, next time I'll find something about a man losing his penis to a thresher accident and a dog saving an elderly woman

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