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"Another day of rainy skies ahead," the morning news exclaimed. "Wow, big surprise. I thought you were supposed to tell me the news, not the fucking obvious." Marla continued grumbling to herself as she stirred her coffee, looking out her apartment window onto the city below. On a normal spring day, the sun would be shining off the greenhouse below her apartment building, the trees at the park down the block would shimmer the most beautiful green you've ever seen, and the streets seem to bustle with life. Instead, the park looks as though everything has been sifted out of the river, the greenhouse looks dingy and uninviting, giant puddles collect on the streets and atop every building below her windows, making it feel like your staring at a drowned rat rather than a bustling metropolis. Days and days of this will drive a sane person to the brink of madness. It'd been 10 days since the city had seen the sun. At this point, Marla was willing to gut a man if it meant having even a short reprieve from the dreary outside world.

The cycle was the same for days full of sun though. One blazing July years ago, she went so far as to drive from her home in Baltimore to Philly, nearly 100 miles away, just because Philly was supposed to be storm-ridden all day. After a humid and sweaty drive up, she got there to discover that there was no rain. Turned out, the storm system had got caught in some wind from the north and ended up hitting Baltimore instead. By time she got back to Baltimore, the sun was out once again and the only sign that it had rained was the smell of dead fish in the breeze.

"No mom, we've been through this. I'm not going to pack up everything here and move back home just because I hate the weather here. One of the reasons I wanted out of the midwest was because of the flaky weath-..." Her mom cut her off, as usual. She didn't have the heart to tell her that the other reason she left the midwest was to get away from flaky mothers and flaky family and flaky friends. When she decided to move east to accept that marketting job 5 years earlier, she'd thought she'd be able to get some breathing room for once. Someone neglected to mention to her that the further away from your mother you are, the more likely she is to call you and want to invade upon your life. When you live across town from a person, they don't feel obligated to show as much interest in you because you're always within reach. The moment you're a long distance phone call away, they want updates from you once a week, more often if they've got free long distance on that cell phone that they just HAD to have.

If you really want to escape your family, move across town from them. If you live more than a 15 minute drive away, they won't feel motivated to come visit you unless they have a good reason to. By the same token, they won't call you unless they have a reason to because you're so close that if they wanted to talk to you that badly, they could just drop by. Once you move into another time zone, they almost feel obligated to call you NON-STOP. When she first moved east, Marla's mother called her nearly every day, wanting to hear about every little thing that happened in her day. Then her mother would proceed to tell her about everything she'd done that day and the neighbors had done that day and the cats had done that day and the people on her soaps had done that day and how she was worried that her daughter would be raped and killed by "one of them" and she should come back and live with her where it's nice and safe.

As time went on, their conversations had dwindled down to one call on Sunday evenings, or at least Marla liked to think of them as having "dwindled" down. That's a polite way for her to get out of explaining the time that she decided to ignore her mom's calls for 4 weeks. Work had gotten really busy and she was having issues with her boyfriend du jour, so finding time to talk to her mom all the time just wasn't in the cards. At first her mom left 4 or 5 messages a day on her voicemail, ranging from paranoid to angry to hurt to sad. These dwindled down to a voicemail every couple days until, after 3 weeks passed, she just stopped calling. This should've been a warning sign to Marla that something bad was about to happen, but she just took it as a blessing and moved on. Then there was a knock at the door early on a saturday morning. Marla had spent the previous night out with the girls from work, so when she awoke to the sound of knocking, she ignored it at first. Then the knocking became more insistent. "Whoever it is, they'll go away eventually," she grumbled, putting a pillow over her head and trying to go back to sleep. That lasted a whole 10 seconds before she was startled to alertness by the sound of her door opening. "Marla Springs? Are you in Miss Springs? This is Detective Frank Thompson, I'm here looking for Marla Springs on behalf of her mother. Is anyone in?" It took a moment for his words to settle in. "Shit! Coming! Give me a minute to make myself presentable!" she shouted, scrambling around the room for pants and a shirt.

It turned out that her mother had stopped calling her and started calling the local police station, trying to have a missing persons case opened. At first the police station assumed she was just some paranoid midwestern woman whose kid was ignoring her to save their sanity. After enduring a week of her phone calls and threats of legal action, they finally relented and agreed to send someone over. It turned out she was just a paranoid midwestern woman whose kid was ignoring her to save their sanity. Ever since, Marla has set aside her Sunday morning as "Keep Mom from calling the cops again" time.

No clue where this is going, if anywhere. It just kinda came out. We'll see if I actually develop any sort of story from this. I'm sort of curious as to why a female main character arose from my psyche...
Spock just leapt from the middle shelf and attacked me. I escaped unscathed, however I'm not sure what drove Mr. Nimoy to dive at my head. A strange end to a strange day.

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