Sean (darksoul) wrote,

listening to tori and sarah don't make me gay...seriously...stop laughing...

Plans for the weekend:
Tonight: The Great Music Reorganization Project, plus a possible visit to Blockbuster for some meager entertainment. It'll be nice to have a quiet night to myself.
Tomorrow: Coming into the office for six hours or so to get some stuff done so I can take off work on Monday. I actually like coming in on the weekend because I don't have to worry about being pestered about stupid things and I feel like I'm being more productive than usual. No other plans, though. Probably going home and continuing The Project so I can get my compilation cds together.
Sunday: No plans so far, though Beth and I might get a bite to eat after she gets off work (at some ub3r-late hour). I'm considering blowing that off, but I feel guilty because we keep trying to hang out and it doesn't seem to work out. We shall see.

And now, an inane attempt to get people to comment on my posts. I want some music suggestions from the peanut gallery. Maybe you've heard some indie rock band that you think kicks ass. Maybe there's some classic song that you think everyone should have on their list of Top Five singles. Maybe you're just obsessed with a certain Tori Amos album or track and you feel the need to force it upon me. Here's your chance.

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