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I blame Christof...

Seriously Christof, why do you hate me? Last night I pick up this cd from Borders from a band called Cheating Kay. I get home with said cd, open it, and find Solo Piano Pieces by Schubert inside the case. I plan to head over there this evening and trying to rectify the situation, but I've a sneaking suspicion that they'll think I'm trying to scam them, knowing my luck. Then today I hit Taco Bell for lunch. I paid the girl and waited for my food and change. All I got was my food, so of course I point out to her that she didn't give me my $1.17 in change. Not only did she tell me she had given me my change, but she got angry and accusatory when I told her she didn't give me the change. It wasn't worth my time to argue with her about it so I drove off instead of getting into an argument at the window. Still, the nerve of her to get mad at me because she forgot to give me my change. Arg. Stupid corporate america!

Then of course, there's my training session that I get to endure today. It's supposed to be short, but it's still going to be painful. It'll give me time to watch my Disney Anti-Nazi propaganda film that I found. Understanding german would probably make it more enjoyable (it's an english cartoon, but the characters all speak german and are rarely translated), but it's still interesting to see. I wonder if Disney acknowledges that they made this.

And now it looks like my paycheck, which was supposed to directly deposit into my account, didn't. It may just be taking time for it to process? Thankfully I've got about $350 in the bank, so I'll easily survive the weekend. Still, annoying. I think that corporate america is exacting it's revenge against me, for what I don't know. If this trend continues, I'll be forming a Project Mayhem knock-off soon.

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