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killing billions of single-cell organisms since 1981!

whatever was causing my toothache must have decided it was done making my life a living hell because my mouth has mysteriously stopped aching. ironic note: it stopped hurting just before someone came in and told me that we had donuts in the kitchen. no, i did not succumb to the donut. anything that might possibly anger the almighty god of the mouth will be avoided at all costs. it could be that my body suddenly realized that rebelling against me and causing me pain meant it wasn't going to be fed because the pain killed my hunger. i'm noticing more and more how much my body missed that mid-day meal. maybe that'll teach it to cause me trouble. *kicks self*

and now, the weekend update!
Friday: Left work early to come home and nap for a bit. Sleeping is so much easier when your air is filtered and you can hear that hum of electric glory in the walls. Of course, that could just be a "me" thing. After my siesta, I went out with Jamie for the evening. Good meal, good movie (Phone Booth), good company. It seems like everytime we get together, we end up spending hours sitting talking about whatever random thing comes to mind. I wouldn't trade that for anything, even the sleep that I should've gotten instead of staying out until an hour when the human brain begins to consider self-cannibalization.
Saturday: After finally figuring out that the directions I had were horrible, I managed to get to Swope Park for our Metro Walk, only 10 minutes late. The Walk went well, considering that people were paranoid that there were going to be tornados and thunderstorms all morning (they cleared up just as we got there to setup). Then a number of us scurried back here to the office to do data entry. Standard tedious crap. Wandered home and fell into a bed until 8ish, when my mom woke me up with promises of grilled cheese sandwiches and chocolate custard from that place at 75th and Metcalf that everyone is always raving about. Promptly passed out again to sleep the sleep of the dead.
Sunday: Eventually dragged myself out of bed and headed to my aunt's for a mother's day barbecue. Seriously, I think my mom's family tries to come up with some new and inventive white trash thing to do for holidays just to prove that we're not as civilized and cultured as we like to pretend. Not that I'm complaining, I love me some burgers fresh off the grill, it's just that after having had a barbecue with them for Easter as well, you'd think that we were using any holiday as an excuse to take advantage of the wholesale slaughter of animals. Back to the house we went, where my brother and I promptly decided we were going to be lazy for the rest of the day and play video games instead of be productive. Eventually, I passed out again from my whacked out sleep schedule. Hopefully that last late-afternoon/early-evening nap reset my body to normal. If not, then I'll be forced to beat it to within inches of it's life. <insert lewd masturbation joke here>

hunger gnaws.

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