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"Forty-two," said Deep Thought, with infinite majesty and calm.

So when I said that everyone I knew came through the storm Sunday just fine, I'd spoke too soon. Apparently my grandparents weren't so lucky. Their home here in town is fine and is unscathed. However, the trailer they had out near the Ozarks did not fair so well. They happened to be down there for the weekend and narrowly escaped with their lives. They saw a tornado coming towards them from a short distance away and went flying underneath the porch to the trailer, where they continued to lay as the tornado picked up the porch and the trailer and take them to some undisclosed location, probably where Dick Cheney goes for his weekends. They came through with only a few bumps and bruises (mostly from scrambling to get under the porch). My mom is going down there with him Friday night to see if they can find anything left on the property. I think I'm supposed to not throw a wild party friday night since she'll be out of town. Pretty easy to comply with since we still don't have electricity or a telephone.

Sometimes Mama Earth likes to remind her children that they need to be appreciative of their life because she can bite your head off and gain nourishment from the soft milk chocolate center anytime she'd like.

I went through and added a pile of books to my Amazon wishlist today as a mental note of books I want to read this summer. If you've any classics that you think everyone should have read by 21 years of age, let me know. This summer shall be a summer for me to expand my brain pan (hopefully). We'll see if I actually have the time/interest to go through with it.

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