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maybe i like my popcorn a little bit burnt...

I need to find some sort of hobby for those days when I'm bored at work, it'll keep me from getting embroiled in madness. I like how the whole thing degrades into abusers of LJ complaining that LJ's abuse team doesn't protect them, when in truth, what the abuse team did in the past (and I'd assume they do today) was assume that they were competent adults who could resovle their own issues. God forbid adults act like adults and be expected to act like adults. Most of their problems with one another could've been solved simply by not involving themselves in the business of those that bothered them. I'll be the first to admit, back in the early days, I sought trouble on a couple occasions, especially in regards to Calvary and Secludedgrrrl. But the trouble I sought was based on the ground of ideologies and trying to protest against what I saw as a) an unfair system for moderation within her community, and b) an extremely troubled understanding of Christianity. Eventually I realized that her community meant very little in the scheme of things and that most people that believed the same as her were going to believe it regardless of what a blasphemer like me had to say. I still visit her community and journal from time to time, just to see how the other side lives, but I don't comment there or here about it. I learned how to behave properly.

In any case, if you skim down through the comment thread, you'll see that I made the mistake of adding my voice to the fray. I felt obligated to speak up, even if my speaking up meant nothing in the grand scheme. Tommy was none too happy (he makes a vague comment about it in his journal, refering to me as a "veteran member", though if I didn't do anything, why classify me as veteran?) and made a point to say so. And so the idiocy begins. At this point, I feel obligated to remain a part of discussion because I got myself involved. If you're going to help make a mess, be responsible enough to help clean up after the party dies down. Do I care that Tommy is trying to run my name through the mud now? Not really. My former deeds for LJ, large or small, are largely forgotten by anyone but a minor few. Most of them I can't talk about because it had to do with abuse and I don't have access to the information needed to prove anything. Any desire to have those deeds recognized/appreciated has mostly faded in the last year. Besides, it's just a web site. I've a job in the real world, friends, family, things I care about. I used to care about LJ, and to some extant, I still do. But it's just a web site.

I'm amazed at the phenomenon that is weblogs. It seems that as they become more popular, the more they define who we are as a people. The problem is that we're allowing it to define who we are. If someone tells me that they use LJ or some other blog service in a real world setting and I don't know them very well, I automatically assume that they're a vacant quiz poster. There are fewer quiz posters than there are regular bloggers out there, but the average blogger you meet is probably an inane kid rather than someone with a valid point of view. That doesn't make them less of a person, of course, but is an indicator of the general perception of bloggers. As a community, we've begun to lose sight of what this is all about and why we've come together. Blogging has begun to define our unique group. It doesn't define who I am, who my friends are that I've met through it, or who any of it's users are. We should be defining it. I don't want random people to see me wearing my LJ shirt and thinking that I'm some vapid kid who doesn't know what he's talking about solely on the fact that I blog. It might not happen right now (especially in a backwards town like KC where most people are behind on internet trends), but it will happen in the next 5 years, if things continue to progress as they have. ramble ramble ramble. listen to that brook there...

I think I'm going to get a degree in anthropology when I go back to school. It's applicable in every area that I have an interest in. Then I can pursue other degrees after that.

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