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does anybody feel the way i do?

Occasionally I'll have these urges to sit down and scribble out something, anything, as long as I'm writing. The problem is that I'll get this urge and either a) I won't have anything to write with, b) I won't know what to write about. It's a pain in either case because I can't get the need out of my system.

Mama Spell has this track on her album called "Stories With No Morals" in which she tells a story about seeing this woman on the bus with the world's perkiest butt. I saw a similar woman today at Quiktrip while filling the gas tank. She must not have known that those tight workout pants did not work for her and her butt that seemed to rise up above her waist. I was immeadiately reminded of Mama's story and started humming "Is That All There Is" to myself. I guess you had to have been there or heard her track. Or be mamarama herself...

Sometimes I randomly IM people whose screen names I learned at some point along the way without introducing myself or even starting out with a hello. You'd think this is just some retarded mannerism that I only use online, but I've been known to call people and start in the middle of whatever conversation I called them to talk to them about. I'm just odd like that.

I also babble.

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