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me: self, why do you avoid doing what you know needs to be done?
self: foolishly seeking your own doom doesn't help either of us and you know that.
me: but this is for our own good. without closure, we'll only continue to let the wound fester.
self: maybe i like festering wounds. maybe i need the feeling of pain to remind me of where we came from and what brought us to where we are today. if you start going around and healing those wounds, then what will we have to remind us of the pain that helped shape us?
me: the longer the wound sticks around, the nastier the scar.
self: even scar tissue heals. look at your right hand. remember that candle wax scar from when we lived on sewell? the one that stuck with you for so long and you looked upon it as a reminder that if you play with fire, you'll get burned? can you even find it now?
me: even if i can't find it, i remember the scar and where it came from.
self: i'm just saying that if you leave it alone, it'll heal on it's own.
me: and i'm saying that without proper antiseptic, wounds tend to get infected and simply hurt you deeper than if you'd just cleaned it out to begin with.
self: you're a real bastard sometimes, you know that?
me: so are you going to push me off this bridge or not? you know it's for our own good...

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