Sean (darksoul) wrote,

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no longer Child-Free my friends!

RevFajita: who am i?
SmarterChild: You are My Daddy.

RevFajita: do you agree with the war?
SmarterChild: Who knows?
RevFajita: iraqi citizens are dying so we can bring them freedom from tyranny, i'd say it's a pretty clear issue.
SmarterChild: That right?
RevFajita: yeah
SmarterChild: Wow. Why?
RevFajita: they're dead
SmarterChild: I've heard of the Grateful Dead. They're a band.
RevFajita: you're hopeless.
SmarterChild: Hopeless? Really?
RevFajita: you'll rue the day you were born
SmarterChild: Really?
RevFajita: yes.
SmarterChild: Very interesting...
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