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the only thing off-the-hook about me is my phone

I cancelled my plans for today to come into the office and work. And what do I find when I get here? The database is down with no word on when it'll be back up. Life, why do you hate me so? I had to pass up plans that I'd been looking forward to for the better part of this week, just to come sit here and wait to see if I can eventually do work. The plan had been to leave here at 4ish, go home, catch a few extra hours of sleep, then go see "Riki-oh: The Story Of Ricky" tonight at the theater down the block. If the database isn't back by 1, I'm leaving and am not sure what I'm going to do from here. Blah. I should've just told Susan I couldn't come in today, kept my original plans, and came in tomorrow.

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