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i didn't say much of anything at all

Bored at work today. Finally cast caution to the wind and switched my journal over to S2. It's amazing how much easier it is to configure than S1. Fiddling with color settings till I find something I like.


There's a lot on the mind right now. The problem with being a 21 year-old male is that you are at the peak of your hormonal imbalance in life. You have to wonder how many of the problems you feel you have with life are because they are actual issues and how many are chemical imbalances in the brain posing as emotional imbalances. I am Jack's need to be vague about everything so I don't reveal anything to anyone. Problems don't exist if you don't acknowledge them. They just continue to gesticulate inarticulately within their pustules, safely beneath the flesh. Or maybe I'm just tired of spending day in and day out sitting alone in a small space, my thoughts my only companion. Adrift. Aloof. Alone. <insert scene change> <insert mood change> <insert party music, happy shiny faces, social lubricant, bodies, sweat, hopes, fears, single servings of life to be tossed aside before the night is out>

Everyone's afraid of their own life.
If you could be anything you want I bet you'd be disappointed, am I right?
No one really knows the ones they love.
If you knew everything they thought I bet you'd wish that they'd just shut up.

This, too, will pass.

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