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every hero has an achilles heel, someone just has to exploit it...

and now, a list of behaviors of mine that people misinterpret:

the patting hug. it's a common misconception that if i pat your back when i hug you, i feel uncomfortable giving you a hug or some similar nonsense. the patting hug means one of two things: a) my mind is otherwise occupied at that moment and so, unfortunately, you are getting a half-assed hug. b) your hug caught me off guard. c) i'm paranoid that if i give a full Sean hug, you'll feel akward for some reason. it might indicate that i have feelings toward you, but as in any situation i may not know how deep those feelings run and how to deal with them yet. sorry, deal. :)

"if he had an interest in me, he'd say something." i don't tell people when i have an interest in them. it just doesn't happen (ok, OCCASIONALLY it happens, but only under the most surreal circumstances). it's a neuortic issue i've tried to deal with but just don't know how to. if you want to know how i feel, just ask. you're not going to embarass me by asking, i'm not going to lie to you and i'm not going to get all akward and weird with you because you asked. if you like me, tell me. i'm oblivious.

lack of conversation. sometimes people think i'm upset if i go more than a few minutes without saying anything. sometimes i just don't have an amusing anecdote prepared or anything interesting to rant about. surprising, i know.

"i'm not his type." i have no particular type when it comes to a girlfriend. intelligent? share some interest with me? not ugly? have a pulse? then you're probably my type. congratulations. :)

political leanings. some people think i'm a huge liberal nut job because i speak out against the current administration. on some level, i'm sure that's correct. i prefer to think of myself as a libertarian when it comes to freedom of information and an independent when it comes to political leanings. it sounds less offensive and doesn't lump me in with crazier people.


i'm rambling. thus, i'm going home.

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