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suicide attacks won't keep me from sucking down a double cheeseburger at lunch

And that's the rest of the story.

BTW, in case you missed it, we've been conquered by religious nutcases and are to soon be leading a holy war against the infidels. Shalom bitches.

Government works to starve families of warriors.

This article is disturbing on many levels. First, that 'Bringing Down The House' has been the top movie at any point in time. Steve Martin should kill himself now for sinking so low. Second, the fact that someone would claim the idea was stolen from their own screenplay. Why would you ever want to claim that you had thought to make such a sad pile of garbage? Third, if someone offered to take the blame for the idea for that movie, why not saddle them with the responsibility of forcing it's evil upon us? Fourth, I should've known Disney somehow had their hand in this evil. Sure, they're merely distributing it, but that's the worst thing of all because they're making sure it's available in every theater possible to further decrease our levels of taste and intelligence. For shame.

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