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Bryan Adams raises dead.

Ebert has been casting out a few tongue lashings at the expense of our government. When the movie critics attack, you know something is wrong. Good stuff though.

In this day and age, apparently it's ok for the FBI to just confiscate anything they want without any authority whatsoever. Hold on, I've got to go participate in the Two Minutes of Hate or they'll know...

The world may never know, at least if the vast right wing conspiracy gets it's way.

You mean you idiots have been trying to make a decision about P2P software and DIDN'T know it could download porn?! *shakes his head* You'd think that our politicians were born yesterday.

I think he's getting off light having to sleep in a doghouse if he admitted to whipping his boy with a car antenna. Maybe if he had to sleep in the doghouse with an angry pug or something.

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