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Reminder: Movie night is this Saturday night, starting at 6 p.m. Be there or don't, I'm watching some damn movies. :)
Alright, here's the deal about movie night on Saturday. I'd like to still have it Saturday night, but lots of people have had other things come up that they need to attend (I have something I ought to go to as well, but I had been planning to ditch for movie night). Those of you that planned on coming/would have came if you didn't have other plans: Which weekend this month works best for you? March 29th, the last saturday of the month, is booked for me (is it still booked Chrissy?), so that weekend won't work. If I don't get enough consensus/responses, then it'll still be this saturday. I want as many people to be able to come that want to, but I want to give people as much notice as possible for when it'll be as well. Input people, I need INPUT! :) If I don't post about it again between now and saturday, then plan on showing up saturday night at 6, if you're coming.
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