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"Joe Millionaire" unloved, Zora falls for horse.

I've a feeling KITT was behind this somehow...

Remember kids, 80's metal kills.

I'm offended by his lack of a sense of humor, not the fact that he's making tasteless jokes.

At least one fan of books is looking out for your right to read what you like without big brother poking his nose into your purchasing habits. Stupid Patriot Act. That's right Man In Black Who Reads My Journal For Unamerican Statements, I called the Patriot Act stupid. I could rant on at great length about how it's a violation of civil liberties and write up a commentary on how we're still under a orange alert even though the government is supposed to be cracking down on terrorist threats. I could babble about how Bush and Ashcroft's scare tactics don't have the intelligentsia of the nation fooled, that we know there's no threat and that this is all political. But I've got work to do. So if you plan to come arrest me anytime soon, just do it. :P

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