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them wacky scammers

got another reply from the scammeisters. haven't figured out how i want to reply to them yet. i think i'll just wait until monday. :)

>From: "rosa jonas" <>
>To: "Drake Warren" <>
>Subject: Re: Thank you; pls reply
>Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2003 05:14:08 -0500
>MIME-Version: 1.0
>Received: from ([]) by with Microsoft SMTPSVC(5.0.2195.5600); Fri, 7 Feb 2003 02:14:11 -0800
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>Received: from unknown (HELO ( by with SMTP; 7 Feb 2003 10:14:08 -0000
>Received: (qmail 15939 invoked by uid 1001); 7 Feb 2003 10:14:08 -0000
>Received: from [] by with http for; Fri, 07 Feb 2003 05:14:08 -0500
>X-Message-Info: dHZMQeBBv44lPE7o4B5bAg==
>Message-ID: <>
>X-Mailer: MIME-tools 5.41 (Entity 5.404)
>X-OriginalArrivalTime: 07 Feb 2003 10:14:11.0969 (UTC) FILETIME=[A8F03710:01C2CE91]
>My Dear Drake Warren,
>Thank you for your mail and your willingness to be of great assistance in securing fund for my family.Hence, let me advise you as regarding my preferred modus operandi in getting fund to you hitch free:
>1 That the Modus operandi of getting this fund is simple. The fund at the moment is at the custody of a reputable security firm, "GLOBAL FINANCE & SECURITY LTD",GFSL, here in Mauritius
>2. That the GFSL, will be responsible for the transportation of fund outside the shores of Mauritius, through their diplomatic facility to
>any of their bonded warehouse in the following geographical Areas or your convinent location suitable for you to take delivery.
>a). Europe
>b). Mid-East
>c). Africa
>That upon taking delivery of package,they, officials of the GFSL will advice and help you open/establish an account with any of thier
>"friendly banks" where the fund will be deposited in your favour. From there you can then move it in bits to your own country
>via international telegraphic transfer (Wire transfer). As a direct wire transfer from this end is not visible for security reasons,
>considering that fact that all international money transfers are been monitored by the apex banking institution, and government regulating bodies.
>3. That, you have to feel free as this money is no drug related money or any illicit related money. This is clean money, and the source of fund is as stated in my first email to you.
>4. It may interest you to know that due to the Obsolete banking system here.Most of the Diamond and Gold funds are being moved to
>U.S.A/Europe/Asia/Middle East/Australia etc via this channel, which has been so familiar with this terrain. So you are at no risk whatsoever.
>5. That, while we are working as partners to get to the Eldora do, I should also be updating my traveling documents so as to join you very
>shortly. My family says hello to you.
>6. That I will send to you by Fax, a Copy of deposit certificate of the fund for your perusal. I hope no third party has access to your fax documents? Do furnish me with your secure phone and fax numbers for purpose.
>7. I shall issue to you very important documents,as in, a Letter of Nominee & Authority in your favor. This Is to establish you as the new beneficiary of fund.Hence, I need your full names and address, including your passport number to prepare these documents.
>If you have any questions or suggestions, please,do not hestiate to bring it to my attention.
>8. That as soon as i hear from you, i will send you a specimen text application letter, that you are to transcribe on a paper, signed and stamped, then send to the "GFSL" Mauritius
>This application is to enable them commence action.Please advise if you have alternative to this method.
>Considering my other responsibilities, I shall introduce my son,Joseph, to you that will take full charge on this trasaction.
>Awaiting your swift reply.
>Yours truly,
>Rosa Jonas Savimbi.
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