Sean (darksoul) wrote,

i still maintain some very irrational thought patterns at times. ok, so that isn't a surprise. but really, i have some thought patterns that occur often that are very irrational. i tend to realize their irrationality at the time, but then soon after forget, only to come back to it again some time much later. this evening i made a mental note to remember one. every time i look up into the night sky, i always happen to look up directly into the constellation Orion. It's never an intentional incident either. i'll think to myself "hey, are the stars out tonight?" and tilt my head just enough to see stars and boom, there it is. it's happened for probably 6 or so years now. at times, i feel as if being able to look up and see orion still hanging there is some sort of protection over me, that everything will be soothed just because that constellation is watching over my head. i tend to decide right after the thought passes through my mind that i'm crazy for thinking such, knowing full well that a giant ball of gas has no power to help me through life. then again, sometimes i still disagree with that argument, pointing out to myself that orion is still continuing to stalk me. one more irrational human thought...

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