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Your wife looks just like Tina Yothers...

There are two types of cold in my universe. The first type is the type where I go "Huh, it's kinda brisk out today, I probably ought to wear gloves and maybe zip up my jacket." This is a level of cold that I'm used to and have no problem with. Then there's the cold that is going on outside today. I call this "Jeez it's ASS cold outside". It's a cold that bites at your flesh and renders it useless if it can. Spit freezes before it hits the ground. Your eyeballs feel as if they are freezing in your skull. If your hair is wet at all, it's frozen within 30 seconds. Breathing on glass produces frost instantly. Today is somewhere slightly colder than ASS cold. When I got in this morning, the windchill was somewhere near -10 degrees fahrenheit. That's -24 degrees celsius for you people living in the modern world instead of the U.S. And for you Canadians, it's just another Thursday. C'est la vie.

Nell Carter died. That's kinda crazy. Celebrities you never expect to die. Stranger, I was looking up information on Nell Campbell earlier today (branched out from looking up info on Richard O'Brien). Why couldn't it have happened to Carrot Top? A freak prop accident of some sort. Not that I had any sort of appreciation for Nell Carter, I just hate those Call AT&T commercials with a passion.

Couldn't get my (temporary) car to start this morning, so I had to take my mom's car. Damned weather. I hope it's just the cold and not a greater problem. That's all I need is for the back up car to break down for no good reason.

The rest of the day will probably be spent at the front desk. Jeff is training until 4, meaning he won't be back until the last possible moment before the office closes because he hates me. Blah. Then I go home and try to get the other car to start. I live a fun filled life.

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