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Sage Francis in Iowa City

Anyone in KC have an interest in driving up to Iowa City to see Sage Francis with me on February 24th? I've got an address for the club, but no info on how much tickets will be. The current plan would be to leave midday to drive up there (about a 5 hour drive), catch the show, and then figure out if we want to try driving back home or find some hotel to crash for the night and then drive home the next day. It's on a monday night, so you school/work folk might not want to do it. I'll find out more info for anyone who is interested. Judging by the other shows they have at this club, it'll probably be $10 or less to get in and all-ages, but I don't know just yet. My car comfortable seats 5 (including me at the wheel), so there are only 4 seats available unless you want to cram.

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