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So I drive by Target on my lunch break and notice that there are a couple of large goonish looking men handing out fliers at the entrance to Target, a standard sign of protestors of some sort. Knowing that I didn't care why they were protesting, I took their flyer anyway. Apparently the local carpenter's union is protesting Target's stores because they use out-of-state contractors to build their stores here in town. They're argument wasn't that this was taking food out of their childrens' mouths (there are more than enough construction jobs in this city to fill in the space), but that Target's money wasn't being spent in our local economy because they paid someone else. I didn't feel bad for these guys who were wearing brand new Union jackets. They were probably being paid to stand out there and hand out fliers. A good portion of my purchases are made online, so my money isn't helping our local economy. There are more than enough 20-somethings in this town making up for my spending habits. blah blah blah.

As an aside, I'd suggest downloading Sage Francis' Makeshift Patriot, at least if you have an interest in hip hop at all. It's his viewpoint on 9/11 and while I'm tired of 9/11 inspirational crap, this doesn't qualify. Kinda sad that the only musicians who seem to have an opinion against what the U.S. is doing are either underground/indie level artists or are out of touch with the average man.

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