Sean (darksoul) wrote,

i almost beat this woman at wendy's today. the damned fool old tart looked over the menu for about 3 minutes before finally asking the woman at the speaker if they were still serving breakfast. "We don't serve breakfast here ma'am." replied the woman from the speaker. suddenly the old tart begins a tirade at the speaker about how she wants breakfast and that they had best serve her breakfast, as if they were going to drive down to the store and get some eggs to cook for her. so she proceeds to sit outside the take out window yelling at the person for not serving breakfast (as if the gal making minimum wage has power over the almighty Dave and his restaurant...) had they not brought my food out to my car and let her continue her tirade, i would have been forced to get out and tell her to fuck off as angrily as possible. people like that piss me off

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