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...kinda runs in the same vein as statements like "you can't tell anyone..."

trip update time:

sunday: hitched a ride to the airport with heather (she had to go pick her bf up anyway, so i just tagged along for a ride). hung out in the terminal waiting for my flight long enough that the security guards started keeping a wary eye on me. when my boss finally showed up, i went through to the gate. the security guard half-jokingly mentioned when i was going to bother going to a gate. so of course, i set off the metal-detector. i proceeded to dump my pockets and everything i had that might have set it off. turns out that my right shoe set it off, though not my identical left shoe. no clue as to why, but it did. c'est la vie. then followed a jaunt to detroit, a brief layover there, then the jaunt to boston. a little turbulence here and there, but it was pretty uneventful. got into the hotel, went to bed.

monday: first day of training. boring. a trend was begun. that night i met up with thren for dinner. we headed over to Chili's where i got a mighty fine steak. i had a great time.

tuesday: another boring day of training. i guess i'd enjoy it more if it weren't simplistic and easy to understand. instead, i feel like i'm wasting my time this week. started missing home (i like trips that were my decision, but having a trip dumped on me against my will just sucks...) watched 24. it was a boring night. :)

wednesday: another boring day of training. went over to the mall afterwards. it was just one more mall. kinda disappointing really. i did get a chuckle out of the girls who came back on the shuttle bus with me. they'd gone to the bar and were kinda toasty. drunk girls are funny.

today: took our certification test today to make sure we were capable human beings who could be allowed to make changes in the database. i'm pretty sure i passed it. it took me about an hour to finish, though i could've finished sooner if i hadn't been flipping through the manual to double-check everything i did. it's kinda sad that we could use our manuals on the test, but that's just me i guess. spent the evening here watching the snow fall.
i've got love songs stuck in my head, killing me away. life experiences to hum to. hiphop has become my redeemer and my destroyer. ;) a year ago i wouldn't have understood the draw of hiphop and wouldn't have been nearly as open to it as i am now. it's a far more powerful musical genre then most people give it credit. i blame this all on erik, who'll blame it on Eli, i'm sure. heh.

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