Sean (darksoul) wrote,

Sometimes I wonder just what effect a single person can have on those around them outside of their personal circle of friends. Does a single act of kindness towards a person whom you'll never run into again do just enough to effect the outcome of their day? When you tell a joke too loudly, do eavesdroppers chuckle to themselves and tell your joke to others? When you're having a heated philosophical debate with someone at a restaurant, do others around you walk away with some new insight into the world simply because they happened to overhear you? What I wouldn't give to discover what sorts of things have occured due to something I've said or done to those I'll never meet again, to know what things people have said to other people as a product of my actions, to see the way I've altered another person's life, even if it was only a minute change. It'd be an interesting sociological experiment, to say the least.

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