Sean (darksoul) wrote,

worst staff retreat ever. now i know why we have these things once a year: so we remember why we hate having giant bonding sessions. i think we bonded more at the end when everyone started complaining about our speakers for the day. the 2nd (and final) speaker for the day was a high school principal who also does motivational seminars for corporations. this guy made me want to die. his ideas of how self-actualization and self-awareness work made me fear for the future because he seemed to believe in some sort of utopian ideal that everyone can overcome any obstacle no matter how large. what about someone who is having to pay off their debt but wants to go back to school now? how about a person whose got 3 kids to raise but wants to move out of the inner city? utopian ideals of empowerment don't provide you with the skills needed to rise above your situation. if you're unable to afford the education you need to get those skills, then empowerment is again wasted. blah. he was unrealistic about how the world works and made me worry that he was filling those who aren't too much younger than i with retarded ideas. thankfully those who might amount to something are cynical enough to see through it. blah.

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