Sean (darksoul) wrote,

would you tell me one thing you remember about me...

sometimes, late at night, when i'm driving home from someplace, i'll drive through the old neighborhood for no good reason. it's probably a sign i'm getting old, but there are some people from my past that i'd like to go out to dinner with and catch up on life with. it's an unnatural compulsion i developed some time in the last 6 months. it's not even old friends that i want to catch up with, though some of them were good friends. i'd like to catch up with Jody Morton and apologize to her for being a creepy kid with a crush on her early on in high school. i'd like to find out whatever happened to Jessica Guinn. i wonder what Chris Franz is up to and if his art career has gotten off the ground. whatever happened to Moose? did Mason and his gf have their baby? what became of Marlo and Bronwyn? does Jessica even remember me, even though i was only an 8th grader and she was a senior who was taking Spanish 1? how is Mr. Whipple doing? i shouldn't be wondering these things for several years, and then it should be about my close friends, not about all those people who touched my life in some minor fashion. makes me feel out of touch with reality at times...

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