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you came out of my womb and i'll stick you right back into my womb!

i'll never understand people who become self-destructive when they're depressed. i've been highly depressed in my life, but i've never more than considered doing something self-destructive. then i realized that it wouldn't do anything but worsen my problems. maybe i over-analyze things enough to keep me out of trouble or there's some sort of self-defense mechanism in my brain that overrides the desire to punish myself, reminding me that making things worse is a stupid path to head down. why it's so hard for others to grasp this idea eludes me. it isn't as though i haven't experienced such agony that i might seek death or punishment of some sort for my actions, but to go out and do something that will very definitely screw me up emotionally even more than i already am? *shakes his head* a hell that i can't even imagine...
the weekend was pretty ordinary and extraordinary all at once. the usual. :) i'm nearly through Speaker For The Dead (reading it for the umpteenth time). it occured to me why i like the Ender Saga as much as i do yesterday afternoon. i'll have to scribble out my diatribe when i have more time.

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