Sean (darksoul) wrote,

this post coming to you from an internet connection i shouldn't be abusing...

currently at the packet pick-up for this weekend's MS150 working the computer. i'm in charge of pulling stuff up from our database back in the office in case we need to look anyone up. and so i get the internet accessible computer. :)

today's been pretty good so far. went to the DMV this morning and got a new license (one with the right address and without that stupid "Not 21 Until" under my picture). went ahead and renewed it while i was there so i won't have to renew it again until 2009. got a perfect score on the renewal test, of course. ;)

i ended up throwing $40 away at the craps table, but made it all back at the slots. i walked out a nickel ahead. going to the casino was uneventful. more later...

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