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the vacation (so far) in review:

thursday: heather and I went out to go junk shop hopping to find me a desk, a lamp, and a chair. stopped at Granny's Attic, this junk store where people pay $100 to have a space for a month to sell their variety of junk. bought a cool banker's lamp for $5 and a cane sword with a hammer for the head of the cane for $20. then we went to the Salvation Army, thinking i might find a decent desk there. instead, we both fell in love with this late 60's/early 70's gold color (under fluorescent light it looked goldish greenish). it's comfy, would feasibly seat 4 normal humans, and fits perfectly in my room. we dropped by my house to check with my mom to see if she minded if i bought it (inadvertantly showing heather how to get to my house so that she can stalk my new couch). then off to the mall to kill sometime before meeting her mom and step-dad for dinner. parted ways for about an hour so i could come by the office, check my email and get ahold of chrissy and my sister. met up again and went to borders. finally picked up the Unkle cd as well as the unrated version of Requiem For A Dream. so we leave, start heading towards shawnee mission park to hang out for a bit. thump thump, i get a flat in transit. so we hit a gas station, i get a can of fix-a-flat to tide us over. head to my house instead to watch Requiem and then take my mom's car to get her home. spent another hour hanging out with her at her place before finally heading home for sleep.

friday: dropped by the office for about an hour to check on things, fix a few small problems, then headed over to heather's to help her pack to go back to school. headed over to chrissy's, much fun had there. only really drank a glass of 7-up/grenadine/vodka (that tasted like it was mostly 7-up). didn't effect me (at least it didn't have any effect on my awareness or my stomach). i think i've mentally blocked alcohol's ability to have an effect on me without ever ingesting any. it could also be that outside of a good, sweet wine, i'm not that big on alcohol. prolly a good thing. still, i've reconciled myself to being willing to try drinks.

saturday: lunch with jen. uneventful, the usual lunch type deal. went and picked up my couch. :) lounged on the couch for the evening playing Warcraft III. watched Sleepy Hollow with the family before crashing at around 10:30. so much for being a party animal/night owl. ;)

sunday (so far): took my tire in to sam's club. came by the office to hop online and kill time. heading back out to sam's club in a few minutes to pick up my tire. no plans for the night. might just go out in my car and drive around for awhile if i can't find something to do. very much bored right now.

i'll be home all day tomorrow (avoiding a dinner at my dad's). tuesday i've got to come into the office for a teleconference that I don't think we really need to be having. i'm going to drop by sumner in the morning before school (maybe, unless people have a time they'd rather i come by, in which case they'd better call me) and visit. wednesday's casino plans might be cancelled. i haven't found out when i have to be at the packet pick-up. thursday i'll be doing nothing. then my vacation time will be up. :) i'm such a boring fellow, but i'm relaxed. :)

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