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i always knew it would one day

things i've learned over the years that either i've gotten over or that i'm still working through:

  • honesty can be a crock half the time, but the other half of the time it's the most important thing in the world.

  • sometimes the hardest thing to hear is the most important thing for you to hear.

  • sometimes the hardest thing to tell another person is the best thing you could say to them.

  • sometimes the hardest thing to do is to act for yourself rather than for the good of anyone else.

  • having your face smell like vinegar is better than having it burn because you were dumb and rubbed juice from a pepper on your face by accident.

  • music has the power to heal just as much as it does to destroy. like Rob said in High Fidelity, do we listen to pop music because we're depressed or does listening to pop music make us depressed? :)

  • friends will be there for you, through and through. don't fret about it. if they leave, then they weren't a friend.

  • friends are not in limited supply, only the will/courage to make more is limited. that being said, you CAN have too many friends and you should never neglect those that are important to you.

  • friends are as important, if not moreso, than family because these are people that choose to associate with you for reasons other than shared chains of DNA.

  • however much things might change, your family will always be there. appreciate it. give many thanks for it.

  • burying your feelings, good or bad, does no good. they will resurface in some fashion. deal with them and move on.

  • sharing your feelings with another person is one of the most difficult things you can do, especially if you're sharing your feelings for that person. as much as you'd like to overanalyze things and do/say all the right things, the only "right thing" you can do is say something or don't worry about it.

  • there are no perfect settings when you are nervous.

  • there are no perfect settings when you are nervous.

  • when you are nervous, there is no such thing as "waiting for the proper moment". that's wimp talk for "i'm too chicken to do this".

  • people around you don't care about your low self-esteem except to tell you that you shouldn't think poorly of yourself and that you're a better person than you believe you are.

  • you are a better person than you believe you are, unless you think you're great. then you probably suck.

  • sometimes you have to suck it up and just act without regard to the consequences.

  • the bad will always outweigh the good in your head by a 3:1 ratio. it isn't that you think things will always turn out horribly, but there are always more ways something can go wrong than there are that they will work out. if there was a 95% chance that an action would turn out in one of 5 positive ways, but a 5% chance that they would turn out in one of 30 negative ways, then the negative suddenly outweighs the bad, regardless of how unlikely it is that something bad will happen.

  • you think too much. stop that.

  • sometimes it hurts. life is like that. deal. that's what you endure for the good times.

  • bulleted lists are evil unless you have something that'll easily create them for you.

  • did i mention that there are no perfect settings when you are nervous?

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