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it had never occured to me until last night that many of the people that i associate with now don't know anything of my past prior to a certain point in time. certainly i had known that bits and pieces of my past were not known to the general populace, but i hadn't realized that there was so much that had not been revealed. i went up to Steak And Shake to visit my cousin while she worked since i hadn't seen her all summer. it was nice to sit and talk with someone in my family without feeling contempt like i do with most people outside of my immeadiate family members. anyway, the tangent i was on. i didn't realize Maura worked up there, but it was nice to see her too. as i was leaving, i was joking about paying my little brother to start making me lunches to take to work once i move back to my mom's. Maura was surprised because she didn't even know i had siblings since i've never mentioned them, so why would she know? coupled with my telling a few of the darker things of my past to Jamie the night before, it dawned on me that most of the people that were around for the major events have mostly disappeared from my life and most of the people i'm around now have no knowledge of me beyond when we met. wiping away one's past should not be as easy as that. ;)

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