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what if you figured out what your Rosebud was?

the problem with me becoming a film maker? i'm great at establishing mood through setting and what not. i'm not bad at establishing character, knowing how in-depth to go without going so far into depth that you leave the viewer wanting to stab themselves in the eye. i've lived through enough entertaining situations in my life to come up with plenty to go on. my problem is dialog. i'm no good at figuring out the exact dialog that characters would say. in my head, i can see the jist of conversation. heck, i can plot out a legion of conversation paths between characters, taking into account how the setting effects them, history between the characters, mood, hormones, all that. but i can never make a decision based off of that knowledge. i figure out all the possible things that could happen in a scene but can't get it down on paper because i'm too indecisive. finding a way to properly express how i'd like for the scene to play out just doesn't work out.

that's why i'm such a screwed up individual. i'm told it's a virgo thing. i'm not explaining. yet another virgo thing. :)

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