Sean (darksoul) wrote,

Ever since they closed all of the White Castle hamburger joints in town, I've had this terrible craving for a pile of their tiny cheeseburgers. Today, McDonald's screwed up my order and brought me into the holy land. Their double-cheeseburger, onions only, tastes like White Castle's cheeseburgers. *dr00l*

It's frightening to me that people in the office call me to ask me how they should budget something. I understand that I've been the person who has been posting the budget to our accounting system for the last 2 years, but I just copy it from one spreadsheet to another. Scarier still is that I usually have an answer for them. An actual answer too, not one of them fake answers that some people give you. ;)

Sherm has now been hating me for 19.7 seconds.

Terrorist shoots at terrorist! More news at 11...

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