Sean (darksoul) wrote,

Toad The Wet Sprocket - Jam

one more time he says good-night
turns out the door and off the light
cursing low
as if she didn't know
one more time he'd comfort her
as if a word could break through her
she's so quiet
and he's sick of it
too long, too late this time
too far, too great in my mind
one more time a run-around
nothing meant by anyone
fine with him,
such a quite din
says he wants to leave a while
she just sits and tries to smile
"that's ok
it was boring anyway"
too long, too late this time
too far, too great in my mind
says she needs a worshiper
someone who'll do anything at all for her
wishful thinker
he don't need this schizo bull
each one misses by so far they don't see it come,
but who ever does...

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